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Jon left for upstate NY today, visiting the family/friends. I stay here, lonely, trying to remember what its like to inhabit a 2-br apartment by myself and failing miserably.

Dennis picked him up at 8:30 to take him to the airport since I worked last night and need sleep. Fast forward about 20 mins, and Dennis' car overheats, prompting me to throw clothing back on to meet them at the gas station, only to have Dennis bring coolant for his car into the picture. So Dennis has Jon again, and they're on their way. Again. Hopefully they make it to the airport. ><

And then I came home and threw up for 20 minutes. I feel like utter crap now, and have to wake up by 5:30 to wow-raid. This bodes not well.

Jon's been gone barely an hour, and already the apartment feels too big and lonely without him. Two weeks of feeling this and not having my daily snuggles/hugs/kisses. Its going to kill me.

So odd how someone can fill your life so completely without you realizing just how full they make it. Take them away, and it feels like a 10-watt bulb trying to make up for the spotlight they took with them.

Alternately, it feels like the spotlight is turned back on me, showing all my faults and weaknesses, the little cracks that Jon caulks together and makes invisible.

I'm a drippy sap. I'm sorry.
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