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Tagged by Rob. Thanks. :P Though this kind of pisses me off because I don't know what happened to the big binder with all my character sheets and stories in it, so I'm trying to remember my favoriter RPG characters and... yah, about that. I'm reeaallly bad at remembering my character's last name.

There will be a real post someday.

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
4. Then tag three people.

Who are you?
Jehane: I am Jehane. Yes, that Jehane. Where are you going?
Muirinn: Muirinn Etain O'Malley. If I were any more Irish you could bottle me and get langered.
Jade: One of the only people left in this area after the disaster. Jade Davenport, if you didn't know.
Mattie: People know me as Mattie. Just Mattie. Once upon a time I was Matilda Joy Johnson, but I've long outgrown the comfort of that name. Another lifetime, if you will.
Galaviel: [hey, where is she?]
Rainbow: Hey, man, don't freak... chill, all right? Here, have some of this... oh, my name? Rainbow, man... wha? Rainbow Skye Lennon. Hey, look at that cloud, isn't that far out...?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Jehane: Only those with no blood relation. I am the only one to follow my father's path.
Muirinn: An older sister, Bronagh. She died when I was fifteen.
Jade: Amber, my unfortunate twin sister. We don't exactly see eye-to-eye.
Mattie: When I left home at sixteen, I didn't. Not that my birth family would still be alive these days, anyway.
Galaviel: [No, seriously, where'd she go?]
Rainbow: Yeah, man, everyone's my brother... you're my brother, he's my brother, that guy over there... oh, real ones? Nah...

How old are you?
Jehane: [eyes you] You dare ask a woman that?
Muirinn: Twenty-one, why?
Jade: Old enough to do anything I need to do.
Mattie: [gets out a piece of paper] ..and carry the one, and... [a few more seconds of rapid scribbling] Near as I can figure, about 150. Or 30, take your pick.
Galaviel: [I know she's around here somewhere...]
Rainbow: I don't know, man, I kinda stopped keeping track a few years ago...

What's your height?
Jehane: I'm short, what's it to you?
Muirinn: Five feet, seven inches of pure cute.
Jade: Tall enough to reach what I need to reach out of my cupboards. Why? There are more important things to be doing than asking these insipid questions.
Mattie: A smidge over five feet. What can I say, they're growing you tall these days.
Galaviel: [pops out of nowhere] Taller than you. What do you want? I'm trying to stalk this thing over here and you're blowing my cover.
Rainbow: My head's up here, and my feet are all the way down there, man... Maybe I'm forty feet tall...

Are you a virgin?
Jehane: [laughs]
Muirinn: C'mon, you really have to ask?
Jade: Not that it's your business, but no.
Mattie: No, why, you want a go with an older woman? [starts unlacing her bodice]
Galaviel: Oh, frick, will you shut up? No, no I'm not, go away.
Rainbow: Not for a long, long time... hey, man, pass that back...

Who's your mate/spouse?
Jehane: [is still laughing] Well, technically I'm married for political and tax purposes, but...
Muirinn: His name is Dante, and I can't really say much more than that. He has this hunga-munga, you see...
Jade: I'm not married, and don't plan to be. I need to heal this place before I can worry about my personal life.
Mattie: [looks sad] Myself. I'm the only one who'll outlive me.
Galaviel: [sighs deeply]
Rainbow: Teague... he's my soulmate, man... we're like, connected.

Do you have any kids?
Jehane: Only my pets.
Muirinn: Not yet. Getting plenty o' practice in for the eventuality, but...
Jade: [places her palm on a nearby tree] This entire forest. They have my blood, sweat, tears... more of a part of me than anything else.
Mattie: I couldn't stand the thought of watching my children die before me. No.
Galaviel: [sighs again and vanishes into the shadows]
Rainbow: No, man... I can't really have 'em, but... you know, whatever, man... [eyes close halfway]

What's your favorite food?
Jehane: Meat. Potatoes. I'm not picky.
Muirinn: Oooh, I could go for some coddle right now, and a nice pint of stout. Ooh, and me mum's rice pudding...
Jade: Tofu. ...what?
Mattie: Red wine. What? It can go in food...
Galaviel: [in a hissed whisper] It shall be your throat, if you don't close it.
Rainbow: Oooh, brownies sound good right now...

Have you killed anyone?
Jehane: Well... hey, they deserved it.
Muirinn: [eyes widen] Oh, no, I let Dante take care of that.
Jade: Heavens, no.
Mattie: Only in that I couldn't save them.
Galaviel: Yes. And you shall be next if you don't shut up. What's one more useless, prattling idiot?
Rainbow: No... man, peace is love... death's such a downer, man...

Do you hate anyone?
Jehane: Quite a few, but in most cases its a moot point.
Muirinn: Not hate, but strongly dislike.
Jade: Whoever created this disaster I'm trying to clean up.
Mattie: Anyone I've ever disliked is long gone by now.
Galaviel: Right now, you.
Rainbow: No, man... I love everybody. Try this, it'll mellow you out... you're asking a lot of questions...

Have any secrets?
Jehane: Not anymore.
Muirinn: Now, what would be the fun in telling you?
Jade: Only one, but if I were to talk about it, I'd probably die.
Mattie: [drops her voice to a whisper] I don't shave my legs. [laughs loudly]
Galaviel: Plenty. All women do.
Rainbow: Nah, man... life's too short for secrets.

Do you love anyone?
Jehane: Yes. Not that I'm going to tell you who.
Muirinn: My Dante-kins.
Jade: A few people. I'd like you a lot more if you'd take this shovel and get to work, though.
Mattie: Quite a few people, which depresses me. It's really dreadful to outlive everyone you care about, but it'shuman nature to continue caring.
Galaviel: Yes. No, I'm not saying who.
Rainbow: Everyone, man...

What is your job?
Jehane: Doctor, mostly. I dabble in other things on the side. Herbs, magics, demons, you know, the usual.
Muirinn: Artist and housewife.
Jade: Well, I -was- a biologist before the disaster hit. Now I'm just trying to fix the land before it takes us with it.
Mattie: Barmaid, though these days it feels more like a den mother.
Galaviel: To stab things. Repeatedly. Want a demonstration?
Rainbow: I sing, man... travel a lot.

Boy or girl?
Jehane: [raises an eyebrow] Woman, thank you.
Muirinn: [peeks down her shirt] Yep, still a girl!
Jade: Female. Now, really, get to digging. And stop staring at my butt.
Mattie: If you can't tell by my breasts, honey, I'll be more than happy to give you a basic anatomy lesson.
Galaviel: You can't tell? Stupid -and- annoying, wow.
Rainbow: All girl, man...

What do you do to relax?
Jehane: Read. I'm in the middle of this great demonology text right now that we found in this temple...
Muirinn: I paint. Or play with clay. Sometimes both!
Jade: Sit in this forest and listen to the grass and trees grow.
Mattie: Dance, drink and be merry. Very merry.
Galaviel: Kill things. And I feel like relaxing. Come here.
Rainbow: [giggles] I'm like, so relaxed right now, man...

There's a person who's teasing you; what would you do?
Jehane: Show them Jehane's Scar. They tend to shut up when they put two and two together.
Muirinn: Introduce them to my husband. They tend to stop for one reason or another.
Jade: [shrug] Does it matter?
Mattie: I'm a little old to be bothered by teasing, don't you think?
Galaviel: Introduce them to my two best friends. [holds up her daggers] Oh, have you been introduced yet?
Rainbow: Man, that's so not cool... oh hey, we need a new one, don't we...

Let’s say you have a person who you really care about but she/he doesn’t know about your feelings. How do you tell her/him?
Jehane: [rolls her eyes] How about "I care about you." That seems pretty simple.
Muirinn: My paintings usually say so much more than my words do.
Jade: Anyone I care about knows it.
Mattie: If they don't know, they're stupid. Or dead.
Galaviel: [snorts]
Rainbow: I just tell 'em, man...

Do you like your maker?
Jehane: I don't understand the question, really. The Unconquered Sun is great and just, and blessed us all with so much. How can you not love him?
Muirinn: Me mum's a good woman, I love her to bits.
Jade: I feel a bit in debt to her, how could I not?
Mattie: Yes, but I have a few questions...
Galaviel: you want to meet yours? Then go away.
Rainbow: Yeah, man... whoever it is... whoa, this is good stuff, man.

(brief rundown. Jehane = my Exalted character. Muirinn = Verbena mage, played on a MUX. Jade = Verbena mage, played in the local campaign where I met Zack. Mattie = Satyr [thus the joke about her not shaving her legs] with Faerie Eternity. Galaviel = my night elf rogue, hehe. Rainbow = Cult of Ecstasy hippie girl. lurve her.)

Oh, and I refuse to tag people. If you want to take this and run with it, feel free.
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